Tuesday, April 11, 2017



Oh, there you are. Scrumptuous, quiet pool.

Filling the hurried spots with calm. An interlude of ease.

Let there be one accord, restless soul. 


Just feel HIM and breath in and out,

pacify my impetuous ambition.

Real me into BEING.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Light Baby

His DNA flourishes in me. Words from His mouth created me. 

What He says I am, is who I am. 

Fashioned in awe and mystery . . .

ACCEPTED upon the first cell division. And before. 

"Shine, baby, SHINE."

The twinkle of Your daddy’s eye, the kindling of the dancing firelight~~~

Radiation of THE powerful love which possesses my essence. 

"Your yoke is easy and your burden is LIGHT."

Your face pulsates and BEAMS-- Your smile, too. 


Your power rearranges my interior. Your intense zeal pulsates toward our spiritual fusion.