Friday, June 23, 2017

Cave Drawings Scene I

It's dark in here right now.
The candles are not lit.
Pitch black IS the experience.

Hot, muggy stickiness.
The bugs like that.
Something is crawling on me.
Maybe it's better I have no light.

There are others, their breathing
seems to sync with the crickets outside.

I wonder how many more days
we will be here.
It's not safe to leave, there are hefty bounties 
on each of our heads.

To light a fire right now is too risky.
The smoke will draw the king's spies.

Warriors skilled in battle hiding 
as if they are weak.
They are not.
Such a waste of strength and honor.


Does God know what He's doing?
Probably, but it doesn't make sense.
To be normal would be so easy-
and boring, wearing that mask of ease.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Knowing Happens

Not sure when it happened.

Not sure if it was now or then.

Were You ALWAYS this wonderful?

The hues of You stir whirring exhilaration.

No words exist for this raw ecstasy.

Luxurious infusion of deep longings,

I smell honeysuckles and pure PASSION.

[[[No intrusions here in the chamber]]]

Paradise explodes through every resistance ~ Am I dreaming?

My heart races hard after Your song~~~

Tuesday, April 11, 2017



Oh, there you are. Scrumptuous, quiet pool.

Filling the hurried spots with calm. An interlude of ease.

Let there be one accord, restless soul. 


Just feel HIM and breath in and out,

pacify my impetuous ambition.

Real me into BEING.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Light Baby

His DNA flourishes in me. Words from His mouth created me. 

What He says I am, is who I am. 

Fashioned in awe and mystery . . .

ACCEPTED upon the first cell division. And before. 

"Shine, baby, SHINE."

The twinkle of Your daddy’s eye, the kindling of the dancing firelight~~~

Radiation of THE powerful love which possesses my essence. 

"Your yoke is easy and your burden is LIGHT."

Your face pulsates and BEAMS-- Your smile, too. 


Your power rearranges my interior. Your intense zeal pulsates toward our spiritual fusion.


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Pierced through the heart ~

Oh, how You fashion desire with sanction.

Your "yes" kisses me deeply.

Wondrous esteem, undeserved this time

and every other...

I am undone.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Endless Love


Droop downward, the weight is light

yet full of oil,

Release of fragrance rises from

a pure desire to KNOW.

To BE and to KNOW.

"You are ALL my reasons."

Brilliant FACE, the TREASURE all hearts seek.

"But they don't KNOW..."

Bits of Your raw broken heart appear here

in these fragile hands.

"GIVE a piece to all you encounter.

BE generous, MY LOVE.

MY endless heart will LOVE forever."

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The winds of the Spirit blow, swirl and flutter 

throughout the earth. 

Beings of fire and wings dance and worship 

in the delight of celestial effervescence. 

A wild party of cosmic proportions is in full effect. 




The torn veil drawing me into the Father of Lights.