Friday, June 23, 2017

Cave Drawings Scene I

It's dark in here right now.
The candles are not lit.
Pitch black IS the experience.

Hot, muggy stickiness.
The bugs like that.
Something is crawling on me.
Maybe it's better I have no light.

There are others, their breathing
seems to sync with the crickets outside.

I wonder how many more days
we will be here.
It's not safe to leave, there are hefty bounties 
on each of our heads.

To light a fire right now is too risky.
The smoke will draw the king's spies.

Warriors skilled in battle hiding 
as if they are weak.
They are not.
Such a waste of strength and honor.


Does God know what He's doing?
Probably, but it doesn't make sense.
To be normal would be so easy-
and boring, wearing that mask of ease.

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